We pride ourselves on being a small scale hobby program, and as such, we do not breed often.

Our next breeding is planned for late 2024 or 2025


Breedings are usually planned at least a year in advance with utmost thought and consideration to the health testing behind both parents, and in-depth analysis of pedigrees to attempt the best possible structural and temperamental outcomes for the resultant puppies.

Our puppies, like all our dogs, are CKC and/or AKC registered/registrable, raised in our home underfoot of our busy household with 4 young children, and exposed to the principles of Puppy Culture.

We take very seriously our responsibility for each life we deliberately bring into this world, and strive to place our babies with families that believe, as we do, that a dog is a lifetime commitment, worthy of a high quality (preferably raw) diet, needing stimulation from social interaction and training, and benefiting from a limited vaccination protocol using nomographs and titres to determine individual vaccination needs rather than a vet’s standard schedule.

Our puppies come with a reassuring 3yr Health Guarantee, and a lifetime of support; In fact staying in touch is a stipulation of placement!  We are proud of all our puppies, whether they go on to excel in the show ring, or as a beloved family pet.

While we strive to accommodate your preferences of gender and colour, please know that we match puppies to homes primarily based on individual personalities as determined through AVIDOG Puppy Evaluation Test.  

Priority is also given to homes that will show, or allow us to show, a puppy.

If we do not have puppies available, we are happy to recommend a reputable breeder to you, or suggest you contact Boxer Rescue Canada to see if your next family member awaits you there

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