Because we don’t breed often, we don’t often have puppies available.  However, we do on occasion have older puppies or young dogs that we’ve held onto for evaluation, or to complete their showing and/or breeding.  

Being a home based breeding program, while we would love to keep every promising puppy, we are limited in how many dogs we can reasonably keep in our home, and are always looking for great Guardian Homes for young dogs that we want to keep in our program, but don’t have room for in our home, or Retirement Homes for slightly older dogs that have been great contributors to our program and now deserve their own coach and family to spoil them! 

These dogs may not always be advertised as we may not be actively looking to place them, but rather waiting for the perfect fit for them, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and see if one of our beautiful show dogs can double as your family pet!