About Us

Welcome to HITT Boxers!

My love of dogs goes back to my earliest memories.  I’ve had the joy of having numerous different breeds, ranging from Shepherds to Pomeranian, share my journey through childhood and into adulthood. My first breed as an independent adult was a Rottweiler, as back yard bred as you could ever ask for!  But through her, I learned a lot about what I wanted and did not want in a dog; and what is important, to me in a dog that, above all else, would be a part of my family. 

When my husband came along into my life, and brought with him his passion for boxers, we bought our first shared dog, a show prospect flashy female boxer.  We have since then been owned by several more boxers, and gone through the joys and inevitable heart aches that this breed brings.  Each of these dogs has left their indelible mark on our hearts and shaped the guiding principles for HITT. 

Our boxers are raised in our home and live as part of the family with our four young children and cats.  They are fed a high quality Raw diet, and raised as naturally as possible on a limited vaccination protocol.

We breed  remembering that we were, and will always be, first and foremost pet owners.  We strive to produce boxers that hopefully will excel in the show and performance rings, but will more importantly excel in the family circuses they join!  We strive to always breed Healthy, well Tempered boxers that exemplify breed Type.

We are locate in Calgary, Alberta but you may run into us at shows anywhere across Western Canada, and Mid West to Southern United States.